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E-Bike accepts payments via Lightning Network

More and more creative people appear, with the ability to create an alternate future. Watch a demonstration of payment on an E-bike through the Lightning Network. Https://

Lightning Network is discussed in the North American Senate

In this little video of a session of the North American Senate is discussed some of the problems in scaling the number of transactions/second of the Bitcoin network.  Theoretically bitcoin supports on average between 5...

Bitcoin has already surpassed the worst stage

According to the survey conducted by Thomas Lee, analyst and Co-founder Fundstrat Global in New york, This is a good time to enter the market of Criptomoedas. It was a survey/vote held through twitter,...
Richard Wolff: perspective and criticism of monetary system and Federal reserve

Richard Wolff: perspective and criticism of monetary system and Federal reserve

In this small part of the lecture, American economist Marxist Richard Wolff, talks about the monetary system and Federal Reserve. Wolff is extremely well-known for his work on Marxian economics, having written books such...

CEO of Binance predicts growth of Criptocurrencie market in October and November

CEO of Binance in an interview for the website CryptoGlobe showed quite optimistic with the future of the cryptocurrency market and also talks about a possible growth in October and November.    Changpeng Zhao, CZ for...
Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos: The Origins of Bitcoin

At the beginning of the month, Andreas Antonoupoulos published another video talking about the origins of Bitcoin and the global financial system.

Visa, Mastercard and some North American banks agree payment of 6.2 billion

Visa, Mastercard and some North American banks agree to pay an amount of 6.2 billion dollars to merchants. According to the tweet of Kevin Rooke, @kerooke on Twitter, this payment is a kind of...
panda exchange

Panda Exchange: Expansion of the market for residents of the SEPA region

Recently Panda Exchange announced opening of new markets for residents of the SEPA region and the creation of a new arm in Portugal. The Criptomoedas Latin American brokerage platform now offers five pairs and...
novas regras da ESMA

New rules of ESMA and upcoming seminars

With the entry into force of MiFID II, retail investors have seen their trading conditions changed, starting with the total extinction of binary options since 2 July 2018, which has forced all brokerages regulated...

P2P negotiations and reliability as a trading currency

The purchase and sale of Bitcoin and other criptomoedas without the need to Intermediation of online brokerages (exchanges) is called P2P (peer-to- Peer). This market for person-to-person negotiations (without The intermediates) is considered very important because it...