CEO of Binance predicts growth of Criptocurrencie market in October and November


CEO of Binance in an interview for the website CryptoGlobe showed quite optimistic with the future of the cryptocurrency market and also talks about a possible growth in October and November. 


Changpeng Zhao, CZ for fans, in an interview for the website CryptoGlobe does not feel intimidated by the lack of optimism, according to his calculations Bitcoin has grown 2 million times in just 7 years, which nothing prevents in the coming years do not just do 1/2000 Prior registration, which would give a dazzling growth of 1000x in the current bitcoin market.

Follow the full interview here.

After a successful launch of its token BNB at the end of last year, Binance continues as one of the traders platform of election for purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies worldwide, Binance has demonstrated great Adaptability and perseverance in all the difficulties and obstacles that the cryptocurrency market impose.


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