Cryptocurrency mining Malware leads the top four ranking positions of major threats in the month of December. At the top of the list for the 13th consecutive month and already with a 12% impact on all organizations worldwide this coinhive. On the 14th of January the cybersecurity company Check Point ® Software Technologies LTD published the list of most searched malware, in the top 10 half are occupied by malware related to the mining of cryptocurrencies. List of most wanted Malware-December 2018-CheckPoint Software tecnologies LTD cryptojacking is the act of using the processing power of a computer without the owner's consent to mine cryptocurrencies. This type of malware often enters your computers and devices through adware, hacked games and pirated content. According to several companies in the field of cybersecurity this practice has been increasing during the year 2018. Last November Kaspersky Labs published its report indicating a small boom from February to May, with a slight decrease in activity during the remainder of the year, however they claim that the threat remains well present. Also MacFee Labs launched in December an alert for a 72% growth of new type of malware infecting Iot devices (Internet of Things) and a new type of malware which works virtually without leaving traces developed by Russian hackers named " Webcobra ".      


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