P2P negotiations and reliability as a trading currency

The purchase and sale of Bitcoin and other criptomoedas without the need to
Intermediation of online brokerages (exchanges) is called P2P (peer-to-
Peer). This market for person-to-person negotiations (without
The intermediates) is considered very important because it brings
Main foundation of the Criptomoedas which is to eliminate the intermediaries.
In this context, of P2P negotiations, it is observed the growth of this type of
Negotiation across South America. According to data from the Coin. Dance site, in recent months, the negotiations at Localbitcoins (P2P trading site) has grown in several countries in South America. This growth demonstrates the importance of this type of negotiation in the Cryptocurrencies segment.

There are some procedures for that if negotiating via P2P is safe and avoid theft and possible fraud. They are:

-Check the profile (social network) and identity of the negotiator;
-Check the references of this trader;
-doubt quotations far below or above the market;
-Question whether the trader wants to make you bank transfer of
And lastly, if you suspect anything, don’t negotiate. In Brazil there are some P2P negotiator sites with great reputation and credibility. However, a website caught our attention: the Bitcoin consultant site. The site was founded in 2017, and, it is managed by André, who has told us a little of the site and the P2P negotiations it does for the site.

Why Bitcoin Consultant and what is the main idea of the site?

When I got the idea to create the site I thought of a name that would bring customers security and at the same time credibility. I think at first the haters didn’t like it very much. The consultant is not the André but the site that brings in its content quality information on how to invest in Criptomoedas in a safe way. I’m just the site operator.

We note that the P2P negotiations of the Alwaysso Bitcoin consultant site are very well evaluated and recommended. Why is that?

I believe that because I am transparent with clients and always treat everyone the same way. From a customer who buys small fractions to what buys several bitcoins. I always seek to meet with quality and with the least possible bureaucracy.

Among the sites we visit the Bitcoin consultant site is the most complete as to procedures for negotiating P2P. Did you elaborate or did you have any professional support?

The site was practically all planned and elaborated by myself, with the exception of the P2P calculator that needs programming knowledge. On the P2P procedures page I have been enhancing the content throughout the experiences experienced in the market. My intention is that by means of the procedures, the customer feel safe and comfortable to negotiate via P2P using the site.

To quit, when negotiating criptomoedas via P2P much more than the Criptomoedas are at stake. We know that reliability is the main exchange currency. How do you see that?

I believe that the P2P negotiations are as if you had a unique service from your bank manager, where it’s all exclusive including credibility, and, that’s priceless. So I try to do the differential in attendance and transparency. I believe that reliability is something like a tree that you plant, but every day you need to water for it to grow.
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