Since the beginning of the year we did not see size increase in the main markets of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin to overtake the brand of 5750 USD, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), EOS and Litecoin with gains between 4% and 8%. With investors still reorganizing the recent Bitfinex/Tether scandal, this Friday, May 3 was an excellent day for those wishing to see the cryptocurrencies returning to the full form of last year's end, more than 7 billion were added in just a few hours. According to the leading financial market analysts this Bullish movement has been gaining momentum since the end of December 2018. SOURCE font Coin360. com

Bitfinex/Tether scandal

Since its launch in July 2014 with the name "Real Coin", Tether has been the target of many criticism on the part of the entire crypto community. He recently had another large stone in his shoe, according to investigations carried out by the competent authorities of the state of new York, iFinex. Inc, a group handling the Bitfinex cryptocurrency broker and the stable currency Tether (Stable coin USDT) have made a "pact" to conceal the apparent loss of 850 million US $ of customer funds and corporations. Following this investigation, on April 25th, the attorney general of the state new Yorkino, Letitia James, announced that his office has obtained a Judicial mandate.

"In documents required at the Manhattan Supreme Court, the Office has established certain discoveries of its ongoing investigation into Bitfinex and Tether. Today's court order requires business operators to immediately interrupt the dissipation of assets in U.S. dollars which "bind" to tether tokens while research continues, and produce documents and information, including Material requested by the Office's investigative subpoenas. Companies are also prevented from destroying, deleting, or allowing others to exclude potentially relevant documents and communications, including documents and communications stored in any computer application that is self or " Epheceral "."

Although Tether has recently confirmed that its reserves only support 74% of the total tokens and the Bitfinex broker has withdrawn 10% on BTC (bitcoin) from its coldwallets (cold wallets), the crypto market and investors do not show any signs of Concern, says the BTCmanager news site.      


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