The blockchain technology has so much potential for people and for uses all around the world, It is so simple but yet can be used for such complexity. There are many projects utilizing this technology for their dreams and ideas, but WONO is bringing their own vision and concept. They want to create a P2P (Peer to Peer) system for users to be able to buy and sell and rent services, subscriptions and assets. With this instead of using fiat currency to pay for gym memberships, freelancers, and any subscribed service imaginable you can use WONO to instantly purchase these services with no intermediary.

Here are examples of the possible uses of WONO


With WONO there will be a use of the blockchain technology with home-sharing-like services such as AirBNB. Users of WONO would be able to create home sharing transactions with each other and earn credits when one user stays in their property. They then could use those credits for staying in another user’s home on a trip.


There are many freelancer marketplaces out there where people can buy and sell services for quick and quality work to be done for them such as logo design, web development, marketing, video animation, and so much more. There are very few; however; that incorporate the quickness, cheapness, and security of the blockchain technology that can transfer all of the information of a freelancing order in just a transaction. WONO will be able to provide everything that a freelancer marketplace can provide with all the features of the blockchain technology.

Asset Sharing

There are many businesses that rent out services, realty, equipment, and many other assets. They are forced to do this traditionally with fiat currency and are taxed heavily. With WONO the renter and rentee can have transactions directly with each other through the blockchain. They can securely send information and cryptocurrency to and from to validate each other as to pay/receive compensation for the renting transaction. This can all be done without contract and fully with blockchain-powered escrow.

The Service

WONO will provide their P2P marketplace as follows, The user will list their asset/service on
WONO where another user who is interested in buying their service will come along and use their ethereum wallet to provide their profile and to send the payment. With this, both users can be secured and the transaction can take place with ease so that both the vendor and buyer can get what they want.

Conclusion: WONO is a revolutionary blockchain project that will become the craigslist of blockchain. People will be able to list, buy and sell, and send and receive every type of service that can be traded between two parties. This is the first project of its kind to offer users the ability to trade any and all services imaginable between themselves securely and tax free using the blockchain technology.

Wono website


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