Panda Exchange: Expansion of the market for residents of the SEPA region

panda exchange

Recently Panda Exchange announced opening of new markets for residents of the SEPA region and the creation of a new arm in Portugal. The Criptomoedas Latin American brokerage platform now offers five pairs and more than 70 criptoactivos.

Our subsidiary in Portugal allows us to be part of the European Criptoativos market, offering exchange with euros in the countries affiliated with SEPA. At the same time, thanks to the Panama branch, we accept Balboa (dollars) as FIAT currency for exchanges in the market in this country. -Panda EXChange

The first Stablecoin

One stablecoin and nine other ERC-20 tokens were added to the platform. Panda Exchange states that the new Stablecoin TrueUSD will allow you to open new horizons and opportunities for both the company and customers.

Nine ERC-20 tokens?

  • Banker (BNT)Panda Exchange
  • Blox (CDT)
  • Colu Local Network (CLN)
  • DAOstack (GEN)
  • Metal (MTL)
  • Neumarkt (NEU)
  • Storm
  • SyncFab (MFG)
  • Tokenomy (TEN)

All ERC-20 tokens are available as direct brokerage pairs of ethereum and the first Stablecoin (TrueUSD).

The Panda Exchange team continues to develop new updates that will bring interesting resources and significant improvements to all members of our community. Very soon we will be announcing relevant information about our markets and we will be getting into some new features that will ensure an even better user experience on our platform. For that reason, we invite you to stay tuned to our official information channels and please share any questions you may have by contacting our specialized support team.


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